The code of Santorini airport is JTR and it is an international airport that host many charter flights all summer from Europe. Travelers from USA, Canada, Australia and other non-European countries that wish to come to Santorini, must get a connect flight in Athens or another European country that has charter flights in Santorini.

The airport serves as both a military and a civil airport. With its relatively small appron, the airport is only able to serve up to 6 civilian planes at the same time. The tower (freq. 118.05) also serves as approach / departure, up to FL170.

The Santorini airport is located in the middle of the island in Messaria/Monolithos borders.

The 2 Greek airlines that come to Santorini are the Olympic Airlines and the Aegean Airlines . Our team prefers Aegean Airlines because there are no delays or maybe a few that are short, their planes are new and the crew is very polite. Last but not least if you book your ticket via their website at least 30 days in advance, you will not believe how low their prices are!

Santorini(Thira) Island National Airport



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