There are 2 ways to move around Santorini if you do not have a car or a scooter. The public bus and the taxi. 
  • There are connections for every village and on summer time there is a bus every 30 minutes with the last one at midnight. On winter the bus runs every 1 hour and the last one is around 9 pm. The central bus station is in Fira next to the taxi station.
  • Also keep in mind that the public transportation buses are green. Any other color you will see they are tourist buses.
  • The buses here do not have automatic machines so you have to have money with you to pay the collector. Maximum cost per ride is 2 euro per person depending where you are going.
The taxis are available on winter but extremely hard to find on summer therefore we strongly recommend to book your transportation before you arrive. If you want to try your luck you can try book a taxi if you go to the central square of Fira.


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